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IoT LoRaWAN® LPWAN Sustainability

LoRaWAN® is Essential for Social, Environmental and Financial Sustainability

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The Vision of the LoRa Alliance® is to empower sustainable IoT to maximize efficiency, improve quality of life and protect the planet's resources.


When I consider LoRaWAN®’s impact, I am reminded of Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs. LoRaWAN supports the first two foundational levels: physical needs and safety needs. And you can't achieve higher levels of growth until the first two levels of foundational needs are met.


LoRaWAN is at the Heart of the IoT Digital Revolution

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With respect to physical or physiological needs, LoRaWAN helps us ensure the air we breathe is pure. By measuring CO2 or pollution levels indoors and out, we know when there are safety risks to people and can ensure our homes, buildings, schools, and workspaces are well-ventilated, temperature and humidity-controlled and safe for occupancy.


LoRaWAN is increasing the world’s food supply and helps feed more people with less. From improving crop yields to preventing food waste by monitoring cold storage temperatures of food during transportation, in stores and restaurants.


Of all the available water on earth, 97.2 is salt water and only 2.8% is fresh water, which is what is used for industry, farming, buildings, homes, and drinking. In fact, fresh water is becoming so scarce people are stealing it from each another and fighting over it. LoRaWAN conserves water - through leak detection, water waste management, and precision irrigation. It also monitors the quality of water to ensure it’s for safe for drinking.




LoRaWAN supports health and healthcare workers by ensuring medications are stored at proper temperatures, tracking medical equipment, cleaning automation, finding dementia patients when they wonder, and expanding tele health applications.


The number of ways LoRaWAN achieves security is unlimited: from warnings about tsunamis, floods, fire, and earthquakes to safety alerts for mining sites, construction sites, oil refineries and panic buttons, to structural alerts for building and bridges and security of assets for theft prevention and location tracking.


The business case for LoRaWAN is second to none because LoRaWAN improves business bottom lines through effective and efficient operations. When LoRaWAN increases performance which increasing profits.


LoRaWAN solutions are addressing these 6 core essential needs by helping to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. And we do it in a way that also meets business needs for performance and profit. The LoRa Alliance has hundreds of members, with thousands of deployments, in numerous verticals, providing countless solutions around the world that are essential to supporting a sustainable future.


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- December 21, 2023

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